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Placenta accreta is one of the emergency conditions and has resulted in increased mortality and morbidity of
pregnant women due to the massive obstetric hemorrhage. Placenta accreta can lead to secondary complications
including coagulopathy, multisystem organ failure, acute respiratory distress syndrome, need for repeat surgery,
and death. Assessment by anesthesia should be carried out as early as possible before surgery to reduce or even
eliminate morbidity and mortality. In this report, we present the case of a patient with total placenta previa and
high-risk MAP score with a transverse lie fetal position. The various anesthetic treatments and transfusion
strategies are discussed with a multidisciplinary approach to delivery.


Placenta accreta caesarean section obstetric hemorrhage

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Soepraptomo, R. T., Hapsari, F., & Wijaya, T. (2020). Total Placenta Previa with High-risk MAP and Transverse Lie Fetal Position. Journal of Anesthesiology and Clinical Research, 1(2), 78-84.

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